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October 2013

Road Transport Group approves Quality Charter

The ITF's Road Transport Group, meeting on 19-20 September 2013, approved the text of a Quality Charter for International Haulage Operations under the ECMT Multilateral Quota. It was also decided that the Group will work further on implementation and incitation mechanisms, linking the implementation of provisions of the Charter to Quota development. These mechanisms shall be approved and become operational on 1 January 2016, at the latest.

The provisions of the Charter set the highest standards in the domain of access to the profession of international road haulage operators, as well as initial and periodic training of international drivers across the European content. Thus these standards will be brought up to EU level for all 43 European ITF member countries participating in the Multilateral Quota system. The aim is to increase the overall quality of international road transport in Europe and further strengthen the image of the Multilateral Quota as a symbol of the highest quality in road transport in both environmental and social fields.

The Group also approved the text of the new User Guide on ECMT Multilateral Quota, which enters in force on 1 January 2014, following the introduction of "EURO VI safe" lorries into the Quota. This Guide defines the operational rules of the Multilateral Quota, and establishes new certificates for the inclusion of the EURO VI lorry category in the system. The new certificates can be consulted at this link. The new Guide will become available on the same webpage shortly.

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José Viegas delivers keynote at ANTP Congress

Road safety keynote opens Brazil conference
Secretary-General José Viegas delivered the opening keynote speech dedicated to lessons learnt from ITF activity in road safety at the 19th Congress of ANTP, the Brazilian Association for Public Transport. The 9 October keynote was followed by a question and answer session with the President and Superintendent of ANTP. Viegas referenced ITF's International Road Traffic Accident Database (IRTAD) in detailing responses of countries to the UN's Decade of Action for Road Safety, providing evidence on key areas for accident reduction including speed, alcohol and seatbelt use.
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José Viegas delivers keynote at FIA Mobility Conference

ITF highlights role of policy in providing access
The global megatrend of increased urbanisation, the evolution and ever-increasing connectedness of the car, fuel economy and emissions reduction were at the heart of ITF Secretary-General José Viegas' keynote address at the 2013 Fédération International de l'Automobile (FIA) Conference on 13 September in The Hague, Netherlands. Viegas' speech on "Urban mobility at the crossroads: social megatrends, technological options, policy choices" emphasised the influence of policy choices on urban mobility and the distribution of access to jobs and social facilities, the evolution of lifestyles and cities themselves.
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ITF Pedestrian Safety expert Véronique Feypell (left) with Gunda Krauss, Citizen of Munich, on the "Walking at All Levels" panel during Walk21 Munich

Pedestrian work showcased at Walk21 event
ITF's Véronique Feypell, a member of the Walk21 Conference's Scientific Committee, provided pedestrian safety expertise on the "Walking at all levels" panel joined by the Mayor of Munich during the Conference in Munch, Germany last week. A pre-workshop of the ITF Working Group on Pedestrian Safety, Urban Space and Health and the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) project group on pedestrians was organised at the conference to discuss new initiatives since the ITF's report on Pedestrian Safety was released. The ITF Working Group Chairman Thanos Vlastos also gave a keynote speech on the groups conclusions.

Download the Pedestrian Safety, Urban Space and Health report from the OECD bookshop.

Browse a free copy of the report online.

Get information on the ITF Working Group.

Video: Thanos Vlastos on liveable cities.


Happy 60th Birthday ECMT
The European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT), which evolved into the International Transport Forum in 2007, celebrates its 60th anniversary this month. On 17 October 1953, ministers from 19 founding countries signed the ECMT protocol in Brussels. To mark the occasion, ITF will launch an online archive of all ECMT publications during a reception in Paris on 23 October.


ITF Secretary-General Viegas with Umberto de Pretto, Secretary General of the International Road Transport Union (IRU)



Forum activities
The importance of the ITF Multilateral Quota as a promoter of quality and sustainability in road transport in Europe was highlighted by José Viegas in his speech at the 3rd International Road Union (IRU)/European Union (EU) Transport Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania on 16 September. Viegas participated in the high-level panel discussion on "Road Transport Solutions to Ensure Efficient Market Operations Between the EU and its Neighbours" by invitation of the IRU Secretary General Umberto de Pretto. The conference was also attended by EU Vice-President and Commissioner for Transport Siim Kallas.

ITF's work on Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) was the focus of a visit by over 30 senior executives from Indian Railways to OECD on 4 October. Stephen Perkins, Head of Research at ITF, presented the new publication on "Better Regulation of Public-Private Partnerships for Transport Infrastructure" and also results of the 2013 Summit session on PPPs.

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The prospect of significant advances in road safety as well as major cost savings were highlighted by ITF economist Jari Kauppila at the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) Innovation Workshop in Washington, D.C. on 17-18 September. The transferability of results of Crash Modification Functions (CMFs - estimates of the effectiveness of different safety treatments) internationally can allow for rapid dissemination of best practices of safety measures. iRAP, a charity dedicated to preventing road fatalities, runs the workshop bringing together experts in road safety to share knowledge and innovation.

Go to report Sharing Road Safety: Developing an International Framework for Crash Modification Functions

Discussion Papers:

On the value of Crowding in Public Transport for Île-de-France

Measuring and Valuing Convenience and Service Quality: A Review of Global Practices and Challenges from Mass Transit Operators and Railway Industries


Better Regulation of Public-Private Partnerships for Transport Infrastructure

International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) World Congress

14-19 October 2013

TEN-T Days 2013: Connecting Europe on the Move to the new TEN-T

16-18 October 2013
Tallinn, Estonia

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