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April 2014

ITF Keynote to Open Top European Transport Event

ITF Secretary-General José Viegas will deliver an opening keynote speech on Innovation in Transport at the plenary session "From Research to Deployment: a Driver for Job Creation in Europe" at the 2014 Transport Research Arena (TRA), on 14 April in Paris. France currently holds the ITF Presidency. The European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, will also deliver a keynote speech during the session. TRA is the major conference on transport in Europe, bridging the gap between research and the market to improve European transport competitiveness, with over 3 000 participants expected. Mr Viegas will also moderate a session on "Urban Innovation and Change: the Dynamic Nexus of Transport, Environment and Health", in the presence of Khatuna Gogaladze, Georgian Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Protection, on 14 April.

Stephen Perkins, ITF Head of Research, will speak at the "Road Safety Economics: Highlights for Public Decision Making", on 14 April and also at the session on "International Co-operation in Transport Research" on 15 April. ITF Economist Jari Kauppila will deliver a speech at the session on "Sharing Crash Modification Functions (CMF): an OECD Report Offers a World of Possibilities", also on 15 April.

ITF Head of Policy and Summit Preparation Mary Crass will moderate the Gala Dinner of the Women's Issues in Transportation Conference on 14 April, to be attended by Jean Todt President of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) and Michelle Yeoh, Global Ambassador for the Make Roads Safe campaign.  Stephen Perkins will chair the "Bridging the Gap Among Countries" session of the conference on 16 April.

A seminar on "The Impact of Distracted Driving and Fatigue on Road Safety" organised by ITF during TRA will address the concerns for safety linked to use of mobile and on-board information in vehicles on 15 April.

More information on the Distracted Driving Seminar

TRA Official Website


ITF to Honour Outstanding Research in Transport
With just six weeks to go until the ITF Annual Summit on "Transport for a Changing World" on 21-23 May in Leipzig, Germany, the names and projects of candidates shortlisted for the 2014 Young Researcher Award have been announced. From applications from 19 countries, the jury have selected four candidate young researchers:
- Hugo Badia Rodríguez, UPC-BarcelonaTech, Spain;
- Zhenhua Chen, George Mason University, USA
- Francesc Soriguera, UPC-BarcelonaTech, Spain;
- Shanjiang Zhu, George Mason University, USA.

More on the shortlisted authors

Recently confirmed Summit speakers include:

Gerry Brownlee, Minister of Transport of New Zealand;

- Temel Kotil, CEO, Turkish Airlines - one of Europe's four largest airlines;

- Patrick McLoughlin, Secretary of State for Transport, UK;

- Cindy Miller, CEO Europe, United Parcel Service (UPS), the leading shipping, freight, logistics and supply chain operator;

- Seoung-hwan Suh, Korean Minister of Land and Transport.

See all confirmed speakers

The full multilingual programme is now available online in English, French, German and Russian.

Only one week remains to avail of discounted early registration fees

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Rethinking Urban Transport for a Changing World
Policy makers face both challenges and opportunities from the advancement of information and communication technology (ICT) and a rapidly changing demography, most noticeable in East Asia. The ICT revolution is influencing lifestyles by enabling previously unthinkable levels of information exchange and connectivity. The transport sector needs to adapt to these changes and focus on the opportunities they present, most evident in an urban context, where rapid growth of cities poses enormous challenges for transport, but increasing connectivity is already becoming part of the answer.

A seminar held in Seoul, Korea, jointly organised by the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) and the ITF, looked at "Urban Transport for a Changing World" in an Asian context, with a focus on China, Japan and Korea. Secretary-General Viegas delivered a speech on "Urban Mobility at the Crossroads" (pdf) on 27 March. The seminar's findings will provide important input for ITF's upcoming 2014 Summit of Transport Ministers.

In Seoul, Mr Viegas met with the Korean Minister of Land and Transport, Seoung-hwan Suh to discuss the Forum's activities and Summit preparation.

Seminar information on the KOTI website



Forum Activities
Improving Global Supply Chain Resilience was the focus of a workshop jointly organised by ITF and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and co-sponsored by 14 countries in Christchurch, New Zealand on 26-28 March for which ITF's Research Centre prepared the keynote paper. ITF Head of Research Stephen Perkins led discussions with APEC's working groups on Transportation and Emergency Preparedness. Meetings on enhancing engagement and an examination of research priorities were held with the New Zealand Ministry of Transport in Wellington on 31 March.

Results of the ITF's Roundtable on the Economics of Investment in High-Speed Rail were presented by Stephen Perkins at the Florence School of Regulation's 2nd Florence Intermodal Forum Workshop on "High-speed rail vs. low-cost air: competing or complementary modes?" on 3 March in Florence, Italy.

A presentation on "Regional Connectivity: Identifying and Capturing the Benefits", grouping results from four ITF Roundtables on economic assessment and wider economic benefits, was given by Stephen Perkins at the Sintropher Consortium Conference in Brussels, Belgium on 27 February.

Secretary-General José Viegas delivered an opening plenary speech on "Urban Mobility at the Crossroads" at the 24th edition of the Transport Scientific Days at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany on 20 March. The annual event presents new research in transport technologies and policies at German and European level to an academic core of around 300 participants.

Elene Shatberashvili, delivered a presentation on "Policy, Data and Research" highlighting ITF's current work on road transport at the 76th session of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe's Inland Transport Committee, held in Geneva, Switzerland on 25-27 February.

Mary Crass, ITF's Head of Policy and Summit Preparation, travelled to Lisbon as a member of the Transportation Research Board's Access and Mobility Committee to prepare the next TRANSED Conference, to be held in Lisbon, Portugal on 28-31 July 2015. The conference will focus on transport and mobility issues for disabled and older people.

The Joint Transport Research Committee (JTRC) held its biannual meeting on 8-9 April, electing Kevin Womack of the USA Department of Transportation's Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) as its new chair. Huge appreciation was shown for outgoing chair Richard Thivierge's six-year tenure. The meetings of the Transport Management Board (TMB) and Summit Task Force follow on 15-16 April, to finalise preparations for the 2014 Summit. The next meeting of the ITF Corporate Partnership Board will take place on 22 May 2014 during the 2014 Summit in Leipzig, Germany.

ITF is very pleased to welcome new staff members:
Xumei Chen, from the China Academy of Transportation Sciences, a think tank under the leadership of the Chinese Ministry of Transport, will be working with the ITF Transport Outlook 2014 team to manage urban transport data from China and work on transport policy overviews of Chinese cities.

Delphine Malbrancq-Duclos joins ITF from the OECD to work on the Group on Road Transport and to assist the Secretariat's Management Support Unit.

Klara Mikulikova has been seconded to the ITF from the Foreign Affairs Unit of the Czech Ministry of Transport where she is responsible for coordinating the ministry's membership with international transport organisations. Klara will be working on Summit preparation.



ITF in the Media
The Financial Times | 20 March
"Dispute erupts over Mexico's railway concessions bill"
(requires subscription)

The Economist | 15 March
"Something to choo-choo over"
(requires subscription) | 14 March
"Mexico Rail: Major Overhaul or Moderate Reform?"

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Seminar on the Impact of Distracted Driving and Sleepiness on Road Safety
15 April 2014
Paris, France

TRA (Transport Research Arena) 2014
European Commission / Conference of European Road Directors / ERTRAC /ERRAC / Waterborne TP
14-17 April 2014
Paris, France

6º Congreso Internacional de Transporte (CIT): "El desafío de la movilidad y la gestión de ciudad"
Asociación Mexicana de Transporte y Movilidad (AMTM)
24-26 April 2014
Mexico City

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