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October 2014

See Iain Cameron video interview

Towards Zero Road Deaths

Reducing road fatalities and serious injuries by helping governments to implement a "safe system" approach in road safety is the objective of a new ITF Working Group launched on 1 October in Paris.

The "Working Group on the Implementation of a Safe System Approach" will develop actionable policy guidance for countries who aim to improve their road safety performance and in the long run eliminate road traffic as a cause of death or serious injuries.

"Vision Zero" is official policy in a number of countries, as well as in cities such as New York or San Francisco. A key element of attaining Vision Zero is creating a "Safe System" in which responsibility for safety is placed not on the road user, but on system design: The road system should be conceived in ways that are forgiving of human error.

The group's work programme will build on a previous ITF report, "Towards Zero: Ambitious Road Safety Targets and the Safe Systems Approach", published in 2008. "Countries would like some further advice and guidance", said Working Group chairman Iain Cameron (Australia) at the kick-off meeting. He said that a lot of progress had been made in the six years since the initial report, which could now be reviewed. "We can capture some of the progress [and] hear about the challenges", Cameron said, "We can put that together and provide some support for leaders in the countries."

The new ITF working group comprises 28 top-level road safety experts from 23 countries, the World Health Organisation, the World Bank, the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP), the Global New Car Assessment Programme (Global NCAP) and the FIA Foundation.

The new working group will present an interim report in November 2015, coinciding with the half-way point of the United Nations Decade of Action on Road Safety 2010-15. The full life-cycle of the working group is two-years, and a final report will be completed by the end of 2016.

See Iain Cameron video interview

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Improved Policy Making Tools Reviewed by Experts at ITF
International experts met to review potential improvements in investment appraisal at the ITF Roundtable titled "Ex-post assessments of transport investments and policy interventions: Prerequisites and methodological challenges" on 15-16 September. UK expert Tom Worsley, who chaired the Roundtable, drew attention to the following points in summarising the discussions:
- the benefits to government of using an audit approach during a project's development and delivery, on a model similar to that currently used in the UK;
- that policy makers and the public can better understand the economic benefits and expected outputs of transport schemes by using case studies;
- that further, more scientific, approaches to understanding causality can be used to appreciate the impact that any transport scheme ultimately has.

This is the first Roundtable for which ITF offers video-on-demand recordings of presentations as a new service.

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(Photo: AMT - Agence métropolitaine de transport | Flickr cc)

New Lorry Certificates Approved by Group on Road Transport
New ECMT (European Conference of Ministers of Transport) certificates for lorries above 3.5 and not exceeding 6 tonnes were approved at the meeting of the Group on Road Transport on 25-26 September in Paris, France. The certificates will enter into force on 1 January 2015. From then on lorries of this category will be required to present the ECMT certificates along with the ECMT licence at borders or during en route checks. The Group also discussed issues relating to the implementation of the Quality Charter for International Road Haulage Operations under the ECMT Multilateral Quota.

Agreement on Quota from 1 January 2015 was the subject of difficult discussion, as the Russian Federation announced a new restriction on the number of licences valid on the Russian territory. From 1 January 2015 Russia will allow only 16 basic licences on its territory for each of the member countries. The new Russian position revises the decision taken by the Group on 24-25 March 2014. It should be noted, however, that Russia indicated that it will be ready to remove its restriction, if the existing reservations introduced by other countries were removed. It also stated that it expected this to be the case with the adoption of the Quality Charter, foreseen for 1 January 2016.

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Finnish Parliamentarians Hear ITF Public Transport Advice
Preliminary findings of research into providing the best possible public transport services for rural areas most efficiently in Finland were presented at a special hearing of the Parliamentary Committee for Transport on 2 October in Helsinki. ITF economist Jari Kauppila's presentation focused on how new ways of information provision are changing markets and new mobility services and was followed by a discussion with members of parliament. The findings provide direct input into the Finnish Ministry of Transport's strategic transport development.

The report is part of the International Transport Forum's Country Specific Policy Analysis (CSPA) series. These are topical studies on specific transport policy issues of concern to a country carried out by ITF on request.
(Photo: Jon Large | Flickr cc)
Summit Programme Preparations Take Shape
2015 Summit programme development and joint research with the OECD's Tourism unit were the focus of a presentation by ITF Head of Policy and Summit Preparation Mary Crass (pictured) at a meeting attended by Polish Minister of Sports and Tourism Andrzej Biernat. The OECD Tourism Committee meeting in Warsaw, Poland on 1 October also allowed for the over 50 attending country representatives to discuss their participation at the Summit on Transport, Trade and Tourism which will take place in Leipzig, Germany from 27-29 May 2015.

Within the Summit programme, there are opportunities for organisations to host events looking at topics that complement the Summit theme. These complementary events can take a variety of formats and be held at the conference centre or at another off-site venue. Side Events are one type of complementary event available: applications to host a Side Event remain open until 7 November 2014.

The Summit offers a number of sponsorship packages for companies or organisations wishing to raise their profile or showcase products, services or other industry initiatives to a high-level global audience. 

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Forum Activities
At the UN Climate Summit in New York, USA railways' contribution to sustainable, low carbon development was the focus of a keynote presentation by ITF Secretary-General José Viegas at an adjacent session organsied by International Union of Railways (UIC). Mr Viegas met with representatives from the Brookings Institution to finalise discussions a Funding Urban Access project, launched by the Volvo Research and Education Foundation (VREF) in Washington, D.C. on 23 September.

Mr Viegas delivered a keynote on "Urban mobility at the crossroads" at the Annual Conference of the Italian Society of Transport Professors (SIDT) in Rome on 2 October.

Conclusions from a forthcoming ITF report on motorcycle safety were presented by ITF road safety expert Véronique Feypell at the International Motorcycle Conference, organised by the German Institute for Motorcycle Safety (IFZ), on 29 September in Cologne.

Maritime and port trends impacting the business opportunities of ports was the subject of a presentation by ITF's ports and shipping expert Olaf Merk at the Danish Maritime Days conference in Copenhagen on 7 October.

ITF is very pleased to welcome new staff member Raimonds Aronietis, who will be working both with the ITF Group on Road Transport and the Research Centre. Raimonds joins ITF from the Road Transport Administration of Latvia where he has worked as a transport market analyst for over 10 years. He also has scientific research experience in transport policy implementation.



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15th International Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities

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