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November 2014

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ITF Corporate Partnership Board Projects Highlight Ways Forward on Important Policy Issues

The findings of the first four projects launched by the ITF Corporate Partnership Board (CPB), the organisation's platform for engaging with the private sector, were launched at the CPB meeting in Paris on 27 October. The first round of projects provide input on a range of hot-button policy issues:
- Autonomous Driving
- Urban Mobility
- Mobility Data
- Logistics Performance

CPB projects are designed to enrich policy discussion with a business perspective. They are launched in areas where CPB member companies identify an emerging issue in transport policy or an innovation challenge to the transport system. Led by the ITF, work is carried out in a collaborative fashion in working groups.

"Among the many insights from the first round of CPB projects are real eye-openers", said ITF Secretary-General José Viegas at the presentation. "These reports will prove extremely valuable in stimulating policy debate in many countries and in many contexts."

The ITF is also pleased to welcome the 13th CPB member: HERE, Nokia's navigation and mapping business.

The current members of the CPB are: Bombardier Transportation, China Communications and Construction Company (CCCC), China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO), HERE, Kapsch TrafficCom, Meridiam, Michelin, Nissan, PTV Group, Total, SerTrans Logistics, Uber, Volvo.

Top: CPB meeting in Paris, 27 October;
Centre: José Viegas welcomes George Filley, Head of Business Development, HERE, to CPB membership;
Lower: ITF Secretary-General José Viegas, talks about findings of CPB projects.)

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Expanding Airport Capacity: ITF Analyses the Scenarios
The UK's Airports Commission published its assessment for proposals of additional runways at Heathrow and Gatwick airports on 11 November to considerable media echo. ITF provided one of the technical reports for the strategic fit analysis that underpins the Commission's analysis. 

The ITF report entitled "Expanding Airport Capacity: Competition and Connectivity" examines the likely responses from airlines to expansion at one of London's airports, identifies the main drivers of airline behaviour and considers the possible influence of changes to existing business models and the introduction of new types of aircraft. As the future of the highly dynamic aviation market is uncertain, it checks the resilience of each option across five different scenarios of how the global aviation sector may develop in the future.

The Airport Commission's consultation will run until 3 February 2015.

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"The best in the world": Celebrating 25 Years of IRTAD Road Safety Data
The 25th anniversary of IRTAD, ITF's permanent working group on road safety data, was marked at a gathering in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, on 6 November.

In video messages from partner organisations such as the World Health Organization, the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile, FIA Foundation and the Global New Car Assessment Programme, IRTAD was recognised for being the "model of a multi-country effort" and providing safety data that is "the best in the world".

IRTAD Chairman Fred Wegman thanked all members for their continued efforts and invited others to join.

For 25 years, IRTAD has worked to improve traffic safety data, to enable more effective road safety strategies and save lives. Founded with 12 member countries as a database, IRTAD soon also brought together road safety experts and statisticians from research institutes, national administrations, international organisations, universities, automobile associations and car manufacturers. Today, IRTAD has 70 members from 35 countries.

Watch the IRTAD chairman's 25th anniversary message

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International Experts Review Outcomes and Risks of PPP Renegotiation
Renegotiation of a Private-Public Partnership (PPP) contract is something that should not be undertaken lightly as it can have an impact on value for money. The ITF Roundtable held at George Mason University in Washington, D.C., USA on 27-28 October reviewed the outcomes and risks most often associated with renegotiation in practice. It examined the alternatives for addressing uncertainty in PPP contracts and the (rare) conditions where renegotiation rather than termination of the contract is beneficial.

One of the panel's recommendations is to run all renegotiations through an independent regulatory body.

The ITF worked closely with experts at the World Bank in planning the Roundtable as well as with the P3 Policy Centre at George Mason University.

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2015 ITF Awards:
Apply Now!
The Call for Applications for the 2015 ITF Transport Awards is open as part of the lead-up to the 2015 Summit on "Transport, Trade and Tourism" to be held on 27-29 May 2015 in Leipzig, Germany.

Through its awards, the ITF recognises leading examples of achievement, innovation and research that have positively and significantly changed the transport industry, or have the potential to do so. Awards cover three distinct categories:
- The Transport Achievement Award
- The Promising Transport Innovation Award
- The Young Researcher Award

The closing date for all three awards is Friday, 30 January 2015.

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(Photo: 2014 Transport Achievement Award ceremony)



Forum Activities
The ITF's Summit 2015 Task Force met on 27 October in Paris, France to finalise preparations for the 2015 Summit on Transport, Trade and Tourism. The Transport Management Board (TMB), representing ITF's 54 member countries, met on 28-29 October to discuss, inter alia, funding for the organisation.

Two lectures were given at the World Bank by ITF's Head of Research Stephen Perkins and economist Dejan Makovsek in Washington, D.C., USA on 29 October. The lectures covered systematic construction risk and the possible merger between the project finance model and the regulated asset based (RAB) model.

ITF's Head of Policy and Summit Preparation Mary Crass and Summit Preparation Manager Claire Millar represented the ITF at the 2014 World Travel Market in London, UK on 4 November ahead of the 2015 Summit on "Transport, Trade and Tourism". As well as attending the World Tourism Organization's (UNWTO) Ministerial Session, meetings were held with the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and with the UNWTO.

ITF Secretary-General José Viegas participated in the World Economic Forum (WEF) Summit of the Global Agenda Councils in Dubai, UAE on 9-11 November.

Mr Viegas was a speaker and chaired a panel on "Meeting social aspiration for seamless, fulfilling mobility experiences" at the Leaders' Forum of the Michelin Bibendum Challenge Global Summit in Chengdu, China on 12-14 November.

The ITF was present at the fourth International Road Transport Union/European Union Transport Conference by road transport expert Elene Shatberashvili. The conference on "Innovation and Efficiency", held in Brussels, Belgium on 9 October, was attended by EU Vice-President Siim Callas and IRU Secretary General Umberto de Pretto.

"How to Envision the Future of Mobility" was the title of a speech by ITF Secretary-General José Viegas delivered to the Centre d'étude et de perspective stratégique (CEPS) Aviation Club in Paris, France on 3 November.

ITF's port-cities expert Olaf Merk delivered a speech on the future of port-cities at the Future Form in Naples, Italy on 24 October. Mr Merk also delivered a speech on port-city interface during the Association International des Villes Ports (AIVP) in Durban, South Africa on 4 November.

The ITF's Transport Outlook freight model projections to 2050 were presented at the Centennial Conference of the Scottish Shipping Benevolent Association (SSBA) in Glasgow, UK by ITF's Head of Communications Michael Kloth on 11 November.



ITF in the Media
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Which cities are the most dangerous for women to travel in? New study reveals the world's most unsafe public transport systems

Automotive Industries | 29 October
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Al Jazeera America | 29 October
New York City's public transport system ranked world's safest for women

Transport Tidende | October
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Volvo Group Sustainability Forum 2014

Stockholm, Sweden
26 November 2014

Polis Conference

Madrid, Spain
27-28 November 2014

Future Intelligent Cities: Cities in transition - Realising the value of engineering

Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)London, UK
4-5 December 2014

Energy, Climate and Air Quality Challenges: the role of urban transport policies in developing countries and emerging economies

CODATU XVI Conference Istanbul, Turkey
2-5 February 2015
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