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December 2014

New ITF Projections for Urban Mobility in China, India, Latin America Released at COP

Transport in the urban centres of emerging economies is becoming a major battleground for combatting climate change. Big cities in China, India and Latin America with over 500 000 inhabitants will more than double their share of world passenger transport emissions by 2050 to 20% (2010: 9%), if current urban transport policies remain unchanged. 38% of the total growth in world surface transport passenger emissions to 2050 will come from big cities in these three regions in such a business-as-usual scenario.

These new projections, released by ITF for the COP20 climate change negotiations in Lima, Peru, highlight a critical choice for policy-makers: whether to pursue urbanisation based on public transport or on private transport with cars and two wheelers. Sustained policies that promote either private or public urban transport lead to very different mobility futures, as projections for modal shares in 2050 show (see charts, left).

These alternative scenarios have profound impacts for the contribution of urban transport to global emissions that are detailed in the 2015 ITF Transport Outlook, of which chapter 4 containing the projections for China, India and Latin America was pre-released for the COP20 conference. The projections were presented by ITF Economist Aimée Aguilar Jaber during the Side Event "Mitigation Potential of Urban Sustainable Low-Carbon Transport: Priorities for INDCs, NAMAs and SDGs" on 4 December, jointly organised by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) and ITF.

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Rail Efficiency Data for Improved Policy Making

International railway experts met to define and measure efficiency to enable policy makers to take better informed decisions on rail regulation and reform at the ITF Roundtable on Efficiency in Railway Operations and Infrastructure Management in Paris, France on 18-19 November. The group, chaired by John Thomas of Etihad Rail, United Arab Emirates, also examined the effectiveness of past reforms and value for money from public support to railways.

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ITF Works with Chilean Government for Better Logistics

A workshop on "Better Information for Better Decisions", opened by Chile's Minister of Transport and Telecommunications Andrés Gómez-Lobo, brought together Chilean and international logistics experts from Kuehne University, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Dinalog and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in Santiago de Chile on 2-4 December. The workshop followed a Letter of Intent to create a logistics observatory, jointly signed by Chile's Undersecretary of Transport Cristian Bowen and ITF Secretary-General José Viegas at the 2014 Annual Summit in May. ITF economists Jari Kauppila and Alain Lumbroso presented on logistics observatories around the world and on the Canadian experience in logistics performance measurement respectively. A series of recommendations were presented to Undersecretary Bowen focusing on logistics data, co-operation with international bodies, governance and research and analysis to assist decision-making. A preliminary report will follow with a final report due in Spring 2015.
(Photo (l-r): Gordon Wilmsmeier (ECLAC), Alexis Michea (Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications Chile (MTT)), Minister Andrés Gómez-Lobo (MTT Chile), Jari Kauppila (ITF), Willem Heeren (Dinalog), Alain Lumbroso (ITF)).

Korean Road Safety: Paths to Improvement

An Expert Meeting on "Halving the Number of Road Deaths in Korea: Lessons from Other Countries", gathering top international road safety experts and high-level representatives from Korean agencies involved in road safety, was jointly organised by the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) and ITF in Seoul on 11-12 December and was attended by Korea's Vice Minister of Transport Hyungkoo Yeo. "The meeting suggested constructive ideas to reshape road safety policies in Korea", said KOTI President Changwoon Lee. "We wish these comparisons and suggestions to be a lighthouse for guiding road safety policies". Short-term priority areas highlighted during the meeting included: road safety institutional management supported by a dedicated road safety budget; establishment of operational targets; monitoring and reporting safety performance; a holistic speed management approach; strengthened level of enforcement, and; a global mobility plan for the elderly. Experts included the Chair of ITF's new Working Group on Safe System Implementation, Iain Cameron (Executive Director for Road Safety in Western Australia), and Fred Wegman, International Road Traffic and Accident Database (IRTAD) Chair. The meeting was organised as part of ITF's ongoing co-operation with KOTI.

Prior to the meeting, ITF's Head of Research Stephen Perkins delivered an opening address at the Korean Traffic Safety Authority (KOTSA) annual road safety conference.
(Photo: Expert Meeting members)

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Big Data Experts INRIX Join Corporate Partnership Board
We are pleased to welcome INRIX as the 14th member of the Corporate Partnership Board, ITF's platform for engaging with the private sector. As one of the fastest growing big data technology companies in the world, INRIX collaborates with leading automakers and governments to transform how people and commerce move across the world's transport networks. 

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2015 Summit Preliminary Programme Online
The preliminary programme and current list of confirmed speakers for the 2015 Summit on "Transport, Trade and Tourism" are now online.

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Summit registration will open in February 2015. Requests for invitations to the Summit can be now made online.

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Applications for ITF's Transport Awards remain open until Friday, 30 January 2015.

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Forum Activities
"Key Challenges and Responses in the Transport System" was the theme of the opening keynote address by ITF Secretary-General José Viegas to the International Union of Railways (UIC) in Paris, France on 3 December (pictured, left). The keynote focused on the strategic position of railways and the urgent need for innovation in service patterns and production models in order to realise railway's potential for sustainable development.

José Viegas participated in a panel during the final plenary session of the Polis Annual Conference, a platform for cities, metropolitan areas and regions to exchange on their transport challenges, in Madrid, Spain on 28 November. Mr Viegas also introduced a discussion on the shared economy and opportunities for shared travel during a session with the Vice-Mayor of Madrid, Diego Sanjuanbenito (pictured, left).

Mr Viegas participated in a panel on "How to achieve sustainable transport in order to develop societies" at the Volvo Group Sustainability Forum (pictured, left), attended by Kristina Persson, Swedish Minister for Strategic Development on 26 November in Stockholm, Sweden.

Following the presentation of ITF's Urban Transport Model at COP20 in Lima, Peru on 4 December, Economist Aimée Aguilar Jaber participated in Transport Day 2014 on 7 December, and attended a conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility at the Peruvian Congress, both held in Lima.

Mary Crass, Head of Policy and Summit Preparation, represented ITF at the 10th Ministerial Meeting of the South-East Europe Transport Observatory (SEETO) in Skopje, Macedonia on 3-4 December. Bilateral meetings were held with the Albanian Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Edmond Haxhinasto and with Montenegro's Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs Ivan Brajvoić, as well as with senior officials from these countries, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia. SEETO is regional transport planning co-operation for the western Balkans, established by Memorandum of Understanding in 2004 by the governments of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia and the United Nations Mission in Kosovo and the European Commission.

Synergies between ports and cities were the focus of a presentation by ITF maritime transport expert Olaf Merk at the Port-City Seminar in Santiago, Chile on 28 November, opened by Chilean Minister of Transport and Telecommunications Andrés Gómez-Lobo. Mr Merk also presented on "Ports and the Environment" at Expo Naval, held on 26 November in Vina del Mar, Chile. He delivered a keynote speech on port-cities at the IDB Conference on 8 December in Miami, USA, and spoke on competitiveness of the port-city of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, at the TOC West Africa Conference in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain on 10 December.

Mario Barreto represented ITF at the Eurostat Annual Meeting of the Coordinating Group for Transport Statistics (CGST) in Luxembourg on 20-21 November.

ITF was represented at the European Aviation Conference (EAC) 2014 by Yeonmyung Kim and Alain Lumbroso in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 6-7 November.

Congratulations to ITF's Dilay Celebi. Dilay won the UIC's Running Race held on 2 December in Paris, France (pictured, left).

Season's greetings and best wishes for a happy new year to all our colleagues and friends from the staff at the ITF Secretariat.



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