International Workshop on Measuring Investment in Transport Infrastructure
9-10 February 2012
Location: International Energy Agency (IEA), Room 2, 9 rue de la Fédération, 75015 Paris, France

Patricia Hu (Chair), Director at the American Bureau of Transportation Statistics, speaking on infrastructure investments


The workshop is a platform for statisticians and stakeholders to discuss and better understand transport infrastructure investment and maintenance data. The aim is to bring together data providers and users to share their experience with the methodology, interpretation and limitations of transport investment data. The workshop allowed for comparison and discussion of practice and examines the experience with harmonising definitions and methods. In doing so, opportunities for data quality improvement were be identified.


Infrastructure investments are a key determinant of performance in the transport sector. However, the sector lacks standardised definitions and methods for measuring investment – and a fortiori assets. The increasing mix of public and private investors and operators in the transport sector adds to the complexity of measuring investments and outcomes. Transport infrastructure has to be maintained and measurement of maintenance costs and outcomes differs widely across modes and countries. Subsidies complicate measurement further. They provide additional resources but are not necessarily defined as investments. The lack of clear definitions and common practices hinders meaningful analysis and comparison, and this may lead to inaccuracy in decision making.

Measuring Investment in Transport Infrastructure Workshop, Paris 9-10 Feb 2012
Martin Clever, ITF, Edouard Chong, ITF, Sangjin Han, ITF,
Jari Kauppila, ITF, Patricia Hu, US BTS, Mario Barreto, ITF
Measuring Investment in Transport Infrastructure Workshop, Paris  9-10 Feb 2012
Sangdo Kim, Korean Ministry of Infrastructure, 
Jari Kauppila, ITF, Andreas Kopp, World Bank, 
Mario Barreto, ITF, Patricia Hu, US BTS,
Peter Van de Ven, OECD, Timo Valila, EIB, G. Amerini, Eurostat, 
Lou Thompson, TG&A

Draft Programme

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List of Participants

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Presentations made at the workshop

Welcome and objectives

Opening Session

Measuring infrastructure investment and maintenance

Combining data from public and private entities

Harmonisation of international data collections

Matching needs and identifying gaps

Summary discussions and concluding remarks