Forum Papers


Each year, the International Transport Forum focuses on a specific theme. The Forum commissions analytical papers from leading thinkers to frame the debate. In 2009 and 2010 the commissioned papers appeared in the series Forum Papers. From 2011, the commissioned papers are integrated into the Discussion Papers series.



  • Transport and Innovation: Towards a View on the Role of Public Policy
    International Transport Forum
    Forum Paper 2010-9
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  • In Search of Innovative Policies in the Transport Sector
    Louis RANGER
    Forum Paper 2010-8
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  • Wireless Technologies and the Transformation of Transport
    Eric SAMPSON
    Forum Paper 2010-7
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  • Driving Forces of Innovation in the Transport Sector
    Yves CROZET
    Forum Paper 2010-6
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  • Urban Transport and Mobility
    Anthony MAY and Gregory MARSDEN
    Forum Paper 2010-5
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  • Achieving 80% Reduction in Transport Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Using the USA as a Case Study
    David McCOLLUM, Christopher YANG and Dan SPERLING
    Forum Paper 2010-3
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  • Maritime Transportation: Drivers for the Shipping and Port Industries
    Jean-Paul RODRIGUE
    Forum Paper 2010-2
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  • The Transport Infrastructure Sector and Innovation: Issues, Challenges and a Possible Way Forward
    Forum Paper 2010-1
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  • Research Findings on the Evolution of the World Economy and its Links with Transport
    Note by the ITF Secretariat
    Forum Paper No 2009-10
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    Other languages: Principaux apports de la recherche sur les évolutions de l'économie mondiale et les liens avec les transports

  • Social Impact of Globalising Transport Services: The Case of India
    Arpita MUKEHRJEE
    Forum Paper No 2009-9
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  • Programming and Optimal Pricing of Infrastructure in PPPs
    Alain BONNAFOUS,LET, Lyon, France
    Forum Paper No 2009-8
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  • Planning, Appraisal and Funding for Strategic Transport Projects
    Peter MACKIE, University of Leeds and Robert Cochrane, Imperial College London
    Forum Paper No 2009-7
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  • Liberalization and Commercialization of the World's Railways: Progress and Key Regulatory Issues
    Louis S. THOMPSON, Thompson, Galenson & Associates
    Forum Paper No 2009-6
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  • Globalisation and its Impacts on Inland and Intermodal Transport
    Christian REYNAUD, NESTEAR, France
    Forum Paper No 2009-5
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    Other languages: Mondialisation et impact sur les transports terrestres et internationaux

  • Air Transport Liberalization and its Impacts on Airline Competition and Air Passenger Traffic
    Tae Hoon OUM, Air Transport Research Society and University of British Columbia, Canada
    Forum Paper No 2009-4
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  • Globalisation and Freight Transport Costs in Maritime Shipping and Aviation
    David HUMMELS, NBER, Purdue University, Indiana, USA
    Forum Paper 2009-3
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  • Liberalization in Maritime Transport
    Mary R. BROOKS, William A. Black Chair of Commerce, Dalhousie University, Canada
    Forum Paper No 2009-2
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  • Report on the Construction and Operation of the Road Freight Transport Market in Europe
    Maurice BERNADET, Laboratoire d'économie des transports, France
    Forum Paper No 2009-1
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    Other languages: Etat de la construction et du fonctionnement du marché des transports routiers de marchandises en Europe