Transport and Energy: The Challenge of Climate Change
Carbon Compensation Scheme
Santa Lucia II Small Hydro Plant in Brazil
Santa Lucia II Hydro Plant (Brazil) The International Transport Forum is pleased to announce that efforts have been made to compensate carbon emissions arising from the organisation of the annual meeting. A carbon offset charge levied from all delegates will fund a renewable energy project in Brazil.

The Santa Lucia II hydro plant uses water from the Juruena River to generate electricity with 7.6 MW installed capacity.
The equipment used in the project was developed and manufactured in Brazil. It is located right next to its sister plant, Santa Lucia I, to tap all the flow of the river. This run-of-river project does not have any dam or water storage, and therefore makes complete use of the water flow.

Santa Lucia II improves the local supply of electricity with clean, renewable hydroelectric power in contrast with the large hydropower and natural gas fired plants built in the last 5 years in the Mato Grosso region which is developing at a very fast rate.

The project started in 2001 and commercial operations began in October 2003.