Road Transport - Activities

Multilateral Quota

In 2009 the Group on Road Transport continues its work on the management of the ECMT Multilateral Quota of licences.

As mandated by Ministers, the Group is also studying options for the future development of the Multilateral Quota System and its restructuring with a view to adopting a new distribution of the Multilateral Quota of licences to Member Countries from 2011 and onwards. The Group is also developing a long-term strategic vision, based on the guidelines agreed by the Ministers in 2005. 

With this aim in mind, in addition to the internal working documents, the Group commissioned a consultancy report on European Road Freight Transport Markets and ECMT Multilateral Quota.

The report on The Construction and Operation of the Road Freight Transport Market in Europe  also provides a reference point to the work of the Group in this direction.

In 2008 the Group on Road Transport revised and adopted a new User Guide on the ECMT Multilateral Quota 2009.      Russian + Corrigendum.
The new Guide entered into force on 1 January 2009 and features new model certificates: unique certificate of compliance for EURO III Safe, EURO IV Safe or EURO V motor vehicle, certificate of safety for a trailer and certificate of roadworthiness test for motor vehicles and trailers.

Social Aspects

At its meetings on 23 April and 1 October 2009, the Group on Road Transport decided to pursue its work on social harmonisation and to focus on four specific areas:

  • Admission to the occupation
  • Driving and rest times
  • Categorisation of infringements
  • Driver training

Currently the Group is developing a framework for this work over the next two years. The outcome of this work and the level of harmonisation achieved should be reflected in the proposals on further development of the Multilateral Quota System.


The Group in cooperation with IMTT (Inland Transport Authority) of the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications of Portugal organised the Joint ITF/IMTT Seminar on Innovation in Road Transport: Opportunities for Improving Efficiency, held in Lisbon on 2 October 2009.


The Group in cooperation with IRU updated a joint publication on Truck Parking Areas 2009

2009 revision of Permissible Weights and Dimensions of Trucks and Coaches in Europe is available online.

In addition the Group plans to update the online publication Road Transport Regulating and Enforcement Bodies in the near future.